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Pre-K Letters and Numbers
Applicable2U, August 10, 2011
Approximately two months ago, development group, BrightStart launched an educational app designed for those approaching school age. With a growing amount of preschool to pre-kindergarten age apps already out in the App Store, what makes this one any different? Pre-K Letters and Numbers encourages your little one to recognize numbers, letters, and sounds as they interactively develop counting and language skills.
How much effort does it take to market an app?
Mom's with Apps Blog, August 8, 2011
One of our developer members, Ush from BrightStart, posted such a resourceful comment on our forum the other day that I requested making it “public” on our blog. He outlined every detail of his app marketing plan, from creating the website, to contacting reviewers, to the actual app download numbers in the first four weeks. The post was very well received by our community, and we hope it serves as a resource to others who are undertaking “app marketing”.